Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Simple (and legal) way to download video that is licensed for reuse from YouTube

Lately I have been working on a lot of multimedia projects with middle and high school students.  We have been experimenting with a lot of green screening as well.   One of the things that has been a little hard to find are videos that are licensed for sharing or reuse that can easily be downloaded.  Since students are familiar with YouTube and like using it, I have been looking for a way for them to download and use those videos in a way that reflects principles of good digital citizenship.   

My new colleague, Eric Makelky, and I messed around with YouTube the other day and here is a simple process we found to easily download content that is licensed for reuse.  

1. Login to YouTube and search your topic

2.  After you press enter, you will have the option to filter your search.  Select the Creative Commons option.

3. You should now have a list of videos that have a Creative Commons Attribution License.

4.  Find the one you want and click on it. Then select the “Remix this video" button

5. You can then remix using the YouTube editor, or just click “Publish” which will add the video to your video manager list.
6.  Once it is done processing, video will be available for download from your video manager.

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