Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apps I Test Drove Over Thanksgiving Break

As a result of distributing and setting up quite a few iOS devices throughout the district as part of our technology mini grant program, I participated in many conversations that resulted in app recommendations, questions about apps., and ideas for further investigation.  Over Thanksgiving I had time to sort through quite a few apps and here are some keepers that I found. ALL ARE FREE!!!

Story Telling
ShowMe - You can take a picture and then draw on it while recording your voice.  Use it to record an explanation or have kids use it to demonstrate their understanding

Toontastic - The easiest animation tool I have ever seen.  Also incorporates academic language such as conflict, mood etc.  In my opinion this is the best app in this post! 

Spanish PreSchool Education - Kids can color and play games to develop Spanish vocab.

Elementary Reading Material
International Children's Digital Library - Many free books in numerous languages. No audio books.

I Like Books - This is a very nice collection of 37 audio books for early readers.  

Story Chimes - There are a number of audio books listed under this in the App. Store.  Some you have to pay for but many are free.  

ABC Spelling Magic and ABC Reading Magic -  Some of you were looking for literacy apps that support tactile activities aligned to blending, reading, segmenting, etc.  These apps do that.

Concept Mapping
Total Recall - free, easy to use, basic concept mapping

Feedback / Student Engagement 
Socrative - Do you want to use mobile devices as Clickers - this is the app. to use. Robust, easy to use, and can be accessed from any mobile device or computer (iPads, iPods, iPhones, Android, laptops, etc.)

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